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Train your new starters in-house – little time investment and low cost

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If your organisation has more than 6 new starters to train in one year, it is more cost effective for you to deliver training in-house via an IOR Training Hub.

Train as many people as you want, when you want with unlimited access to the following three courses:

Hosted by the Study Course online learning platform, your unique training hub will run your courses for you, giving your new starters their own learner profile and you the freedom to deliver training as and when you need to. You will be able to:

  • Run as many courses as you want for as many people as you want
  • Structure when your courses run and timetable the delivery when and how you want it
  • Provide training accredited by the Institute of Recruiters – giving you the edge over your competitors (each learner receives an IOR certificate and the letters IOR Assoc. after their names)
  • Guarantee consistent on-boarding for your business – new starters can start their training on the day they join, instead of having to wait for training dates
  • Tutor your courses yourself, reviewing the progress of each learner and closely monitor their development
  • Train experienced consultants in your business who want a refresher on certain topics or under performers who have performance gaps
  • Train staff in multiple locations, ensuring consistency of on-boarding and continuous development

Engagement Options:

  1. £300 per month for 12 months – up to 20 users
  2. £500 per month for 12 months – over 20 users
  3. Customised with your branding and ability to add your own content – contact us for prices

To organise a free demo and learn how a training hub could benefit your organisation please call 0871 288 2108 or email

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