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The Complete Top Biller

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WARNING – to pass this course you have to demonstrate application of the content through a % revenue increase

This is the only course on the market today where to become accredited you actually have to apply the techniques you learn and show an increase in your billings. Theory without action is useless so unless you take action you will never find yourself in the elite group of recruiters that become top billers.
This course is for anyone with over 18 month’s recruitment experience who has an established client base and wants to know how to turn their desk into a consistently high revenue generating business. It applies to any recruitment sector, permanent or contract markets and is only suited to consultants managing both client and candidate processes.

The course will cover:
  • How to analyse your Business, highlight strengths, weaknesses and build a meaningful Action to Plan to increase revenue
  • How to develop ‘cash cow’s and increase client commitment and engagement
  • Recruitment Solution Selling – how and when to sell solutions and handle client objections
  • Be the ‘Go to Person’ in your market – how to raise your profile in the market and network effectively to create opportunities
  • Value based Selling – how to create true value propositions and differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Advanced Communication & Influencing skills – how to tailor your communication style to your audience and influence decision making processes
  • High Impact Client Meeting & Sales Presentations – how to plan, prepare and deliver client meetings and presentations that win you business
  • Advanced Objection Handling – how to overturn client decisions to win more placements
  • Closing your Performance Gaps – how to close performance gaps and handle motivation dips quickly and effectively
  • Self Management – how to manage yourself like a leader, be accountable and stay focussed on results
  • Managing your Career – how to set and achieve career goals, building career advocates and managing upwards
  • Course Assessment – measuring the return on investment. Can you demonstrate a % increase on your revenue in order to pass the IOR accreditation criteria?
The course will run over 12 weeks, giving you time to implement the learning and realise your return on investment. You will do one unit of learning a week followed by a desk based task to help you implement what you have learnt. Your tutor will mentor you throughout the 12 weeks, making this the ONLY online course with human interaction.
Who will you be mentored by?
This course was developed by expert Trainer Hannah Keep who was a top biller in contract and permanent markets in one of the toughest areas of IT Recruitment. Hannah works alongside top billers who bill in excess of £500K a year and knows first hand what it takes to get results in this competitive market. Hannah will mentor you throughout the 12 weeks to support you in achieving the course objectives.

Instead of leaving your business to attend offsite training sessions you can now learn at your
desk with our revolutionary online learning platform – Studycourse. Learning with us means
you can:

Learn at your desk via the BIOR’s revolutionary online learning platform – on the job learning which is flexible and practical
Receive a BIOR certificate validating your learning and letters after your name – Assoc BIOR (CPD)
Receive individual professional membership of the BIOR – demonstrating your commitment to best practice
Receive on going help, support and individual feedback from your tutor – making our courses the only online courses with personalised tutor contact


Do not sign up for this course unless you are:
  1. Committed to taking action and stepping out of your comfort zone
  2. Ready to take risks and be completely  
  3. Relentless in driving results 
Not everyone will pass this course, but will you?​
Learners Comments
I was keen to undertake some self-study that would help me with my role and how much I was billing. This course was ideal as I could build it into my week and also apply what I was learning directly to my job. Each week I looked forward to the module and was always keen to see how I could improve my current techniques but also apply new ways of doing things. I can honestly say I adapted or learnt something new every week and I kept focused on my objectives much more than I would have normally. The on-going support and mentoring was fantastic which again really helped me keep focused. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further develop their techniques as 12 weeks flew by!”
I found this course to be a million times better than I thought it would be and is by far one of the better ones I've done. It was structured and informative and could pretty much apply to any sales job. It has definitely been beneficial and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Even my partner who is in business development listened to some of the modules and found it interesting and challenging. I will definitely do another course with IOR. One point I would make is that I found the course was quite chunky to do to in 12 weeks. I found a week per module to watch the slides, read the material suggested, do the assignment and put it into practice wasn't long enough so it certainly challenged me. Nevertheless, a great course and thoroughly enjoyable. Also, thank you to Hannah. She is motivating, supportive and a driver!
Excellent course with some extremely valuable lessons learned. Hannah goes above and beyond with tailored feedback to suit each individual, as well as ongoing support and encouragement throughout. Highly recommended. Thank you Hannah!
This is the best training course I have done during my recruitment career. For me the highlight is that you are held accountable every week to ensure you are working towards your goals step by step. I would recommend to anyone who has at least 1-2 years experience in consulting and is looking to improve their billing. Thanks again!!
Good course and learnt a lot from it with techniques and things, however I did find some of the videos slightly too long and got bored. Also some of the questions come across confusing, once it makes sense it's easy, but it can take a while to get your head around what is being asked. Hannah has been extremely helpful and understanding throughout - Thank you.
Amazing! Best course I have done by far in my 7 years of recruitment. Hannah was always available to take calls and offer feedback and help. All the feedback received was personal and not at one point did I feel it was a blanket template response. Highly recommend this training course and Hannah as a trainer!
An increase of more than 100% for the quarter billings whilst completing the training course with Hannah... need I say more! However, it’s not all about billings for me. With each module completed I was not only able to implement the various learnings into my profession and add to my recruitment tool-belt, but I was also able to make developments in my personal life. The blend of in-depth recruitment, sales, relationship building, mind-set, goal setting training (the list goes on) is what sets this training course apart. The training is completely personal and Hannah’s 121 approach allows the training course to be tailored to your needs and objectives.
To be completely honest, I was slightly sceptical going into this as to how much value it would have to me, however very quickly, I saw the results and learnt a lot. From the very beginning my eyes were opened to the importance of analysing my business and how to do it properly. Although there was a lot of information that I already knew or was aware of, it made me realise that I wasn't necessarily putting it into practice. With Hannah referring back to her time in recruitment, her success and achievements, it meant she was able to give tangible evidence to show what is being taught actually works. At times I wasn't sure if I'd be able to cope with the work load alongside long days and trying to hit my quarterly targets in the office, however they work alongside each other really well and helped me smash both. It takes a lot of commitment (doesn't everything) but it's a really enjoyable course and has helped me gain confidence hugely! Thanks so much again Hannah - it's been b
I learned a lot from this course which I have stated in Unit 12 and am very happy to have upped my billings to where I wanted to be by the end of the course so it definitely proved it's worth. My only bit of constructive criticism is that for the last few Units it focused more on the emotional/personal side of the job and that is the side I feel in control of after working in recruitment for just over 3 years. It was good to recap and hear a few new points but I really enjoyed the first half of the course where I learned so many new skills and tricks of the job that I'd not heard before. Overall, a great course to be a part of and I can walk away with a lot more knowledge than I had 12 weeks ago! :)
I would highly recommend the Top Biller course and Hannah as Tutor! It has been a fantastic learning journey, I've gained a wealth of knowledge, lots of new tools I'm already using and achieving excellent results. The guidance, support and units Hannah has delivered have been excellent and the feedback provided has been valuable to my development. I can't thank Hannah enough for shaping the Recruiter I have now become.
After working in recruitment for fifteen years, this course has helped me take the knowledge and experience I've build up to another level. The weekly assignments were very well structured and demonstrate what needs to be done to be a top billing consultant. Week after week Hannah is motivating, inspiring and very supportive. I loved listening to her talk about her own experiences, how she approaches certain situations and objectives. I cant recommend this course enough to anyone who is ready to make the commitment in moving their career on.
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