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RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing Course.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO
& Managed Service Programme MSP (Online)

Course Details
Online - Distance Learning Course:
Can be completed within 7 days on a full time basis or 3-4 weeks on a part time basis (2 hours a day). Flexible to align with your lifestyle and commitments.

The essential guide to RPO & MSP solutions.

During the course we peek inside a deal that went wrong and find out why.

This course teaches how to design and deliver successful RPO/MSP services and shows you what Best Practice looks like in this field. You will learn about the costs, profit margins and the inner workings of RPO/MSP.  

This will be invaluable for people within the following groups:
  • RPO/MSP providers looking to qualify their staff
  • Recruitment agencies looking to provide RPO/MSP solutions
  • Agency Recruiters, Internal Recruiters, HR, Line Managers
  • Hirers who already have a contract for, or are thinking of outsourcing, some or all of their resourcing services
  • People thinking about a career within the RPO/MSP field
How do I study?
The course is delivered entirely online and broken into small easy to learn sections as follows:
  • 20 video sessions backed with course notes
  • 4 Multiple Choice Question ‘refreshers’
  • 4 Assignments to research and complete. Marked by the tutor
  • Access to the tutor for comments and queries
  • Final course validation exercise. Marked by the tutor
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