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The Complete Recruiter

Course Details
Just 1 hour per day at the desk - for 28 days - online, tutor guided course with daily interaction and support.

The ultimate course to train your new recruiters and get them billing quickly as well as on-board consultants who have less than 6 months recruitment experience.

Covering Permanent, Contract & Temporary markets, consultants will receive 28 Units of learning covering every step of the recruitment process as well as equipping them with tools and techniques to fast track their performance. The ultimate solution to consistent on-boarding & the FAST TRACK to billing. 

The 28 Units will cover:
  • Researching and Resourcing – 8 Units
  • Client Development – 9 Units
  • Process Management – 5 Units
  • Personal Effectiveness – 6 Units

Consultants will complete one hour of learning at their desk to ensure they apply the content quickly with minimum disruption to their day. The Course Tutor will guide them through the course, ensuring each unit is finished on time, actions are complete and providing daily personalised feedback.  

This course is recognised by The British Institute of Recruiters (BIOR).

Don't risk your growth - Get your people professionally trained now!

To book please email: or call 0871 288 2108 

Learners Comments
Really good course - have learnt alot and have already started putting it into practice and it works. Highly recommend this course for people that have just got into recruitment
- Excellent care of students due to individual respond to each assignment with tips and hints what is good or could be done better. - Good length of the units as well as of the assignments - Interesting content which was communicated very well and even for a non mother toungue speaker easy to understand. - Thank you all for that!
Very informative and a lot of useful information, that will be put into practice!
I found the course helpful as a refresher course. I did pick up new tips and ways of approaching tasks. The assignments were rather easy and answers could be taken straight from the slides, and I found some of the multiple choice questions controversial as in my opinion more than one were right for several questions. There was not always a right or wrong answer!
Brilliant course, everything was graded quickly and i feel like i now have a great general knowledge of recruitment. Just by following what i was learning I was able to start building business whilst still doing it, would definitely recommend.
Something I never thought would really make much of a difference. Going through this course all I can say was I loved it! Constantly looking at the clock to see if its time to begin. Reading back on the comments also excite me as I always want to know what Hannah thought my opinions and examples. All I can say was absolutely loved it! I've learnt a lot! Thank you!
I've had a great time studying the course. It's been a real eye-opener to the world of recruitment and I feel a lot more confident going forward with my business. Hannah is a brilliant tutor. She is obviously very experienced in her field, able to deliver her knowledge in a clear, concise manner to the layman, whilst keeping it interesting. I enjoyed the course very much and would like to thank her for my new found skills and comprehension.
Learnt a lot! Great feeling!
Very good Hanna
Very helpful course to run alongside practical learning
I found this course very useful, my tutor David was very helpful and always responded promptly to my queries. I would strongly recommend this course.
Really enjoyed this course. Lots of good content for new & ambitious recruiters. The course provides a framework for how to think & work smart in order to make yourself a top biller. Excellent!!
Excellent. I thought the course was well put together and liked the fact that the modules were short and manageable. Even though this was not industry specific and a general recruitment course, I think it was done very well and covered all points for both perm and temp consultants. My advice to anyone doing this course would be to do it first thing in the morning before work or at the end of the day as personally I found doing it at lunchtime disrupted my workflow a little (but that just me). A quick recap of the previous days module might also be beneficial for future learners as I sometimes felt like I had not fully taken in all of the module before moving on (again thats just me though). Overall thoroughly worthwhile for new and not so new recruiters and remember "Theory without action is useless, so take action, your success depends on it" (I know know that off by heart!)
Hi Hannah - thank you for the support throughout the course. I am already seeing great results and am confident that this will compound further as time goes on. If there are any further sources of material that you would recommend as a beneficial resource - eg: books to read, blogs to follow for any aspect of the course content I would be really appreciative of receipt of your suggestions. Maxine
very helpful and very well structured for me since I am new in recruitment, great to get feedback on the assignments
Fantastic course and a wonderful tutor really enjoyed it!
I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this course. The units were very well structured and interesting. I enjoyed the daily assignments and the occasional tests. Hannah is always available and is very helpful, her feedback is helpful and constructive. I would certainly recommend this course to any recruiter!
Very useful and informative
Excellent programme with guided learning and support from an expert Tutor. Highly recommended.
Firstly would like to thanks you for the time you invested in me. All your feedback, tips and pointers, helped me massively. I started off a complete rookie in recruitment and am now consistently, finding candidates, setting up interviews, and making placements. This was not an easy course so I am delighted with my final result of 91%. My directors and line manager are delighted with the progress I have made. Would recommend this course to anyone who is keen on making a career from recruitment, so thank you.
The Complete Recruiter course is brilliant. I worked very hard - there's no way one can 'half arse' their way through it. It really makes you think and apply yourself. I would recommend this course to anyone in recruitment, whether newbie, mid-career, or senior level.
I found this course very helpful and it has filled me with confidence in my own ability. I have learnt a lot about my strengths and I have been able fine tune areas of the recruitment process I was unsure of. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Hannah Keep for all her help and teaching me so much.
Really helpful and informative, each unit was thorough and taught me a lot! Some of the assignments could have been a little clearer and could maybe take into account that the recruitment process for some sectors may be different to others. Apart from that i really enjoyed it, thank you!
Often recruiter training can be half-baked and uninspiring - This course however was genuinely useful, delving into areas of recruitment that are often glossed over or left for you to 'discover for yourself on the job'. The training was well explained, and the assignments and quizzes did a good job of reinforcing what was learnt. Even when completing topics that I already felt confident with, I felt that the training did well to expand on what I knew and iron out any creases or bad habits that I had picked up. I'm now looking forward to applying what I've learnt.
It was very helpful and covers the areas of recruitment really well. The slides and notes are very useful to look back on, particularly when your starting out in recruitment and there are things that you still forget.
Really enjoyed the course, found the example word documents super helpful and now use them. Really enjoyed the legal aspect of the course and found it really helpful. I enjoyed the assignments and being able to put what I learnt into practice. I have also noticed my phone interviews have massively improved as well as my commitment tests for candidates.
The course covered a massive amount of information - ideal for anyone like me who has no prior experience in this industry. Hannah gives excellent in depth feedback to the assignments which I can't praise highly enough!
I have learnt so much on this course, it has been extremely insightful and has given me a lot of guidance and confidence to begin my recruitment career. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wishes to become a 360 recruitment consultant. Thank you so much, this course has been excellent.
Really enjoyed the course as I believe it gives you a really good insight into recruitment. There is a lot of really good hints and tips that help on daily basis.
This course from start to finish has been great! It's such a good way to enhance your learning and speed up your progress within recruitment. The feedback is always detailed and constructive. What you learn on this course will be useful throughout the entirety of your recruitment career not just the beginning.
useful, lots of useful training tips and information
a great structure to the whole course, very easy to follow and a great understanding putting theory into action. reminded me of university to be honest but the fact i have exposure to a vast amount of material is great and knowing i can go back to this at any given time is extremely beneficial. once again it was a pleasure Hannah to learn, understand and develop into becoming a successful recruiter.
Very informative, some days the videos were a bit to long to try fit into my working day
i'm currently on my 5th assignment and have already taken away so much knowledge and am ready to smash the phones! I still have a lot to learn but so far i would rate this course very highly!!!!
Learnt alot - lots of content that will help in my role
Loved your presentations :) I enjoyed the course, and through that it was useful, however the assignments take up too much time, I felt that it was too admin heavy. And I have never done a unit in the daytime, I always did them at home, didn't want to spend time with it at work
very good
Great course I have really learnt a lot from this and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful in recruitment
I found ‘The Complete Recruiter’ course extremely useful for my ongoing training. I am new to the recruitment industry and started this course in my fifth month, following an initial internal onboarding programme. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge from the course, in such a short space of time, which has assisted me with my continuing professional development. Hannah’s feedback throughout the course was constructive, and I took a lot away from it. I’m really pleased with my overall grade and hopefully it won’t be too long until I am back to do the next course!
This course has been so helpful, with some really insightful and applicable methods to take away and use day to day. I would recommend.
I think this is a fantastic course and I have learned a lot from it. I have now changed the way I do things at work after doing this course and it has really help me improved in being a great Recruitment Consultant. Hannah is a very good tutor and is very helpful. I would definetly do another course in the future. Thank you Rachael
Really enjoyed this course. Learned a lot of things that I can take forward that will certainly help me in the future. As a new recruiter, the opportunity to learn from one of the very best has been invaluable so I am very grateful. Thanks!
Brilliant course. I have learned so much in the 28 days and have found this extremely helpful to my work life.
I really enjoyed this course. The feedback was great and to the point, if you did something wrong you were told what you did wrong and how to fix it. The video and a mixture of assignments/quizzes really broke the course up and made it fun instead of a boring assignment you sit and fill out.
Hi Hannah, I thought this was a really excellent course. A lot of the things in the course mirrored what we learned locally in the office, but it put everything into a structure and there are so many useful techniques to practice. I've done a number of online trainings over my career so far, and it can be really difficult to keep my attention on videos and online presentations while someone is talking at you- so great job on making it super engaging and well explained, I was never bored. Also thanks for all your encouraging and considered feedback - there was never anything generic, and I felt it was very personalised. The main thing that was difficult, was just the time factor. I think 15 minutes is quite an underestimation for an assignment, as I always need time to process and digest the information properly, and therefore write a good assignment. That's why I ended up doing them at the weekend in blocks, as it was easier to focus and take my time. Also, I think it would be h
Really enjoyed the course, Tudor has been a great help. Thank you!
the course has helped me adapt in to a better consultant from my previous role thanks for your guidance through some of the units
This course was really great at putting me in the right frame of mind to make money, and do so in the correct way.
This course was very helpful, I think anyone starting out in recruitment should do this course
Only thing I'd have added would be a call to discuss where are are / cover questions / role play. Over all really useful and informative.
Found it very interesting and informative. I have learnt a lot about recruitment and need to put my knowledge to the test now.
the course is great - opens your mind into thinking more like a salesperson and shows you key points that you may give for granted or you do not know.
Really enjoyed this course, learned a lot and have saved useful documents that I will definitely be using again! Particularly enjoyed doing the quizzes and enjoyed getting feedback.
This course has really expanded my knowledge on recruitment. I have learnt a lot that I have now started to included in my work.
Very thorough course and I've enjoyed learning a lot of new skills. Hannah & Tudor were consistently available via email for feedback and to help along the way.
Absolutely fantastic course. Started this course having been in recruitment for 1 month and it has given me a fantastic guide on how to deal with and handle every aspect of recruitment. It has helped me gain my first placement and get another offer on the table.
Absolutely loved this course!!! Thank you. It was easy to understand, the assignments and videos were nice and short and challenging
Unit 8 had some issues with the sound in the middle part
This course is really very well done and above all very interesting. I have learned a lot. Vanessa has always been present, available, encouraging, and her comments always relevant and very useful. Thank you very much.
Good Course very useful, im very new to recruiting so everything was useful. only slight pointers would be maybe the modules on timekeeping and mindset might be better off earlier on, but even that's being very picky, otherwise its been absolute pleasure
Really enjoyed it and feel a lot more confident through what I have learnt :) Tudour was a fantastic tutour and really helped me along the way!! Thankyou so much
It gives some great foundational knowledge, although it was a lot more sales/client acquisition oriented than I initially realised when signing up for this course. In the end I would have been better off signing up for the Complete In-House Recruiter, but that's hindsight. I still appreciated insight into the part of the role that my manager covers and it gave me lots of inspiration and tools to use in my daily job!
I've just finished the 'Complete Recruiter' course which started in December 2019 and took 28 business days to complete (no weekends/no deadlines to submissions, but quite complex and not easy at all). I decided to change my career path last year and work within recruitment. I'm currently looking for a new role. Despite of me picking up quite a hard course to do as my very first, a course which is designed for those actively working within recruitment, I passed with a good mark and am very proud of myself. My tutor Tudor Kimber was fantastic. He suggested an initial call with me to run through how I should work on each unit and to agree my course target, which was different to those who are actively working. Throughout the course he provided very good and fair commentary. Even if the commentary was a bit harsh at times, it was always spot on and I learned from each and every unit I did (some are optional, but you should try and do them!). Tudor knows what he is doing and is also an i
I have learnet so much by completing this course and would recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their skill set.
This course has been super helpful to expand my knowledge and understanding of my role and the sector generally. I liked the mix of assignments and quizzes and it was great the tips and guidance you are given, you can apply to your role immediately and see how this adds value. My tutor was very helpful and always on hand to answer any queries I had, which really put me at ease. My one piece of feedback would be, it would be nice at the start of the course to virtually meet with your tutor either on a video call or call as an intro. Having said that, he was very helpful over emails and always quick to respond! Great course which I really enjoyed as well as getting a lot out of it . Thank you!
I have really enjoyed the course, it has been challenging and has helped me progress so much as a consultant. The advice from my tutor Tudor was really insightful and has benefited my learning greatly. I highly recommend this course if you want to elevate your consulting skills - I have had great success from implementing the teachings into my daily role.
Good insight for individuals who have been in recruitment for a while to advance their knowledge and skills in all aspects of recruitment consulting. For someone who has changed the recruitment sector from agency to executive, this course helps a lot to understand different areas that can benefit your career. Not only does this course can represent your knowledge and experience in the industry I believe it can also help you with client experience and how you promote your industry to benefit both parties.
Really learned a lot about conducting interviews and keeping the candidate as well as the clients engaged in the hiring process.
I really enjoyed the course. Tudor was very informative and helpful with the feedback on grading each assignment which helped me a lot as I progressed through the course.
This course is very insightful and packed with gems. Worthy every minute and penny. Highly recommend it
I would really recommed this course. I have learnt a lot of from it and in case of doubts my tutor was always there to explain anything futher.
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