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19+ Loan FAQs

Loan Eligibility Criteria

To ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the loan please confirm the following:

19 Years Of Age Or Older
A UK National Living in England (Not Wales and Scotland)

Personal Details

The date you have chosen will not be available as it will take approximately 4 weeks for your loan application to be approved. Please choose the next available dates for your course.

Home Address

Term-time address (if different)

Passport Number Driving License

To help us make sure that the College is serving the whole community, please indicate your ethnic origin

Please indicate from the list below ALL which may have significant impact on your education (with 1 being the most significant).
Visual impairment Dyscalculia
Hearing impairment Autism spectrum disorder
Disability affecting mobility Asperger’s syndrome
Profound complex disabilities Temporary disability after illness (for example post-viral) or accident
Social and emotional difficulties Other physical disability
Mental health difficulty Other specific learning difficulty (e.g. Dyspraxia)
Moderate learning difficulty Other medical condition (for example epilepsy, asthma, diabetes)
Severe learning difficulty Other learning difficulty
Dyslexia Other disability

Your Qualifications

Payment Details

19+ Advanced Learner Loan

Employment Status (please complete the relevant declaration)

No member of the household in which I live (including myself) is employed
The household that I live in includes only one adult (aged 18 or over)
There are one or more dependent children (aged 0-17 years or 18-24 years if full time student or inactive) in the household
None of these statements apply
I confirm that I wish to withhold this information

Declaration B (19-23 year olds)
I confirm that I am 19-23 and in receipt of the following state benefit:
And am unemployed and want to enter employment and believe skills training will help me to do so (Please explain briefly how this training will help to move into work, progress in work or remove a barrier to getting into work.)

As you are 19-23 years old your application will be processed in June for an August 1st start. This is because 19-23 Government funding is only available on courses starting from 1st August 2016. If you want to discuss this in more detail email us at

How We Use Your Personal Information

The personal information you provide is passed to the Chief Executive of Skills Funding (“the Skills Funding Agency”) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Where necessary it is also shared with the Department for Education, including the Education Funding Agency.

The information is used for the exercise of functions of these government departments and to meet statutory responsibilities, including under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009, and to create and maintain a unique learner number (ULN) and a Personal Learning Record (PLR). The information you provide may be shared with other organisations for education, training, employment and well-being related purposes, including for research.

You may be contacted after you have completed your programme of learning to establish whether you have entered employment or gone onto further training.

You can opt out of contact for other purposes by checking this box
I confirm that I have checked the information on this form and it is correct. I agree to abide by the College’s Enrolment and Learning Agreement as detailed in the Confirmation Sheet.

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