Recruitment Certificate level 3

This qualification teaches you how to become a complete recruiter with a comprehensive understanding of the various services a business requires from a recruitment consultant.

Certificate in Principles of Recruitment Practice (QCF) Cert PRP

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Become a Qualified Agency Recruiter.
On completion learners earn the professional letters ‘Cert PRP’ after their name.

Take the best Agency Recruiter Qualification trusted by recruiters in global companies. Delivered by tutors who have worked in recruitment for both SME’s & international companies.  A superb practical course that gets you work-ready. Book your place now!

What makes this Agency Recruiter course unique:
  • Earn the letters ‘Cert PRP after your name.
  • World-Class learning content.
  • 7 units of study created by industry experts.
  • This course is delivered entirely online via a state of the art learning centre.
  • Ideal for UK and international recruiters.
  • Free individual membership of the Institute of Recruiters is included.
  • This course is at Level 3 and takes 3 months to complete.

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What will I learn?
This qualification is suitable for anyone looking for an exciting career as a Recruiter, and those already working as a Recruiter wishing to get qualified in the role.

The course units are as follows:
  • Unit 1 - Understanding the Recruitment Market
  • Unit 2 - Understanding Recruitment Operations
  • Unit 3 - Specialist Recruitment Techniques
  • Unit 4 - Understanding the Principles of Assessing People
  • Unit 5 - Understanding Sales for Recruitment
  • Unit 6 - Understanding Relationship Management in Recruitment
  • Unit 7 - Understanding Legal & Ethical Requirements in Recruitment
This course teaches you how to become a complete recruiter with a comprehensive understanding of the various services a business requires from a recruitment consultant. It teaches how to deliver these services at the highest standards, and covers specialist recruitment techniques that clients need. This can be thought of as a range of new revenue streams designed to enhance your service offering to clients, ensuring you stand out from other recruiters.
How will I learn?
This course has been designed to be delivered entirely online to learners who may need to balance learning with a busy work schedule. It will also allow learners to apply new practical skills to their work environment while they learn.

Training will be delivered via online webinars which are split into handy bite sized sessions over a 5 month period. Alongside these webinars learners will also receive a comprehensive ‘self study’ handbook. The handbook will provide in depth knowledge and practical exercises which learners can undertake within the workplace.

Once learners have successfully completed the qualification, they can then go on to any IOR Professional Diploma in Recruitment (for Internal Recruitment the Social Media module is required) or complete 4 additional HR modules to gain the IOR Certificate in Principles of HR Practice. See the IOR Career Map for more information.
What letters do I get after my name?
On completion learners earn the professional letters ‘Cert PRP’ after their name.
Learners Comments
This course is one of the best experience, I have terms of online studying. I am really enjoying my learning...excellent!
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