The Complete Recruitment Manager Course

The Complete Recruitment Manager Course

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The New Complete Recruitment Manager

Course Details
Managing a team and still billing is the relentless challenge that recruitment managers face. It requires a unique skill set to maintain your own billings and inspire your team as well complete all of the management responsibilities you are faced with.
The Complete Recruitment manager is the ultimate course for new recruitment managers and managers with less than 6 months’ management experience who want to learn how to manage a high performing team and still hit their own targets. 

Covering the people and commercial aspects of being a high impact manager, learners will receive 12 vital units covering every aspect of recruitment management.

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The 12 units will cover
  • Introduction to Management – understanding your role and responsibilities
  • Role Modelling – how to inspire your people
  • Communicating Effectively – how to communicate clear messages & give feedback
  • Motivating your People – how to get the best out of your people
  • Managing your Time – how to manage your desk and your team
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence – help your people manage the ups and downs and bounce back
  • Adapting your Leadership Style – use the right style for the right person
  • Monitoring & Analysis – how to analyse performance, identify gaps and action plans
  • Developing your People – know which development solutions to implement to close performance gaps
  • Managing Poor Performance – how to handle poor performers in your team
  • Competency Interviewing – how to assess accurately using evidence based questions and answers
  • Course Assessment – personal development planning
How will the course run?
12 Weeks - online, tutor guided course with weekly interaction and support.

You will complete one hours learning by completing one Unit and a desk-based activity ensuring theory generates action.  The Tutor will guide you through the course ensuring each Unit is finished on time, actions are complete allowing you to reflect and gain feedback.

The tutor will also be available to provide support and advice along the way. You will complete the course at your desk ensuring you can apply the content quickly and with minimum disruption to your work.

For more course dates and information: Email: or
call 0871 288 2108
£695 (Non members)
£645 (BIOR members - email for your discount voucher code)

To book or know more email: or call 0871 288 2108
Course Tutor
This course is tutored by Hannah Keep an ex S3 Group Team Leader and Regional Manager who managed a team whilst achieving top billing status in both contract and permanent markets.

Hannah has trained some of the most high performing agencies in the industry and is passionate about helping managers to achieve success in the most challenging yet rewarding role in recruitment.
Learners Comments
Wow - this course has helped and developed me in so many ways. The support from Hannah has been unreal and she has helped me every step of the way. I cannot rate this course highly enough because it has been the best thing I have ever done when it comes to my work. I look forward to continuing to put into action everything I have learned from this course. Thanks again Hannah, you have been amazing.
I found the course extremely useful, and I liked the most the clear way it was structured and it walked me through all the relevant areas of recruitment management. I'm sure completing this course will have a positive impact in managing the recruitment processes I'm involved in. Furthermore, I appreciated a lot the prompt and professional support I received during the entire course from Hannah, the course tutor.
This is an excellent course to hone and refresh all the skills that as a manager/trainee manager you could possibly need. With bite sized assignments and solid unit information you dont feel overwhelmed with too much information as you have the time to digest each unit before the next begins. The support you receive from Hannah is also second to none as she is knowledgeable and pro active with feedback/responses.
Loved it! This has been the most relevant and practically useful course I have done in my professional career to date! The course is really comprehensive and designed by experienced recruitment managers for recruitment managers- you cannot ask for more! Takes a bit of time and effort to complete- however I feel it has been worth every hour spent! Highly recommended! Thanks Hannah as always for all the advice, support and insights. Looking forward to putting these actions into practice going forward also!
Best recruitment course for manager ever - great timing as I am building a team and new to management.
In-depth, thorough, and with awesome constructive criticism - whether you are about to embark on managing one individual or are currently plateauing with a team of two or thirty, Hannah's course guidance, advice and general support allows you to really self-analyse whilst learning how to overcome the pitfalls and celebrate the successes, all whilst knowing you're progressing through the modules and increasing knowledge and experience. Hannah takes an industry often known for its negatives and ensures that through information, coherent and honest teachings and the allowance of self guidance, reflection and thought, the student is able to understand and apply the basic recruitment function with a view to educating and managing teams of any size to success. A genuinely worthwhile investment, both in terms of time and money resulting in a hugely-increased level of self-awareness, management and understanding of different personality types, abilities and dedication, to bring together a vari
I found this course to be really good and certainly got the old grey matter thinking, at times I found it quite challenging not having completed any formal training for a few year now. The best thing I would say have been the videos and the delivery and pace of these really suited my learning. The worst bit I found was the distance learning as I quite like a classroom situation to give me that group sense of learning. However the feedback you gave was always on point and accurate. I have looked how I manage and hope that in the future this will become an integral part of what and how I do things. I would certainly recommend the course but I am now so glad I passed and its over! Time for a Celebration me thinks :) Thank you Hannah
I have learnt a lot from this course. It has given me structure and made me look at myself.
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