The best HR Qualification at an introductory level - it will advance your career.

Delivered by tutors who advise the HR teams of Britain’s biggest companies. This course gets you work ready.

Level 3
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Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice (Blended Learning)

Course Details

The best HR Qualification at foundation level - it will advance your career. Delivered by tutors who advise the HR teams of Britain’s biggest companies. Superb practical course that gets you work ready. On completion learners earn professional status and the letters ‘Assoc IOR (Cert)’ after their name. Book your place now!

What makes this course unique in HR:
  1. World-Class learning content that is more practical than other HR courses.
  2. On completion you earn the letters Assoc IOR (Cert) after your name.
  3. The course is designed for business growth and business protection.
  4. Our tutors advise the HR teams of Britain’s biggest companies & government.
  5. You become qualified for a career in HR and In-House Recruitment.
  6. Delivered in a much higher quality learning environment.
  7. Learning centres all over the UK & international.  Call or email for details.
  8. Adult loans and flexible payment terms are available.
  9. This HR course is designed for business protection and growth.
  10. Free membership of the IOR, a professional HR institute is included.
  11. Free legal & HR help line is included while you study.
  12. This course is at Level 3 (Foundation Level) & takes 7 months to complete.
  13. Much of the learning is online and you attend 7 workshop days.
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Call us now on: 0871 288 2108

What will I learn?
The course units are as follows:
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Human Resource Practices
  • Unit 2: Introduction to employment legislation
  • Unit 3: Understanding employee rights and obligations
  • Unit 4: Understanding the management of employees’ performance
  • Unit 5: Principles of employee motivation, commitment and engagement
  • Unit 6: Understanding recruitment and selection
  • Unit 7: Understanding on-boarding, induction, training & development
Is this qualification right for me?
This Professional HR Qualification is at Level 3 (Foundation Level) and is perfect for:
  • Those currently working in HR.
  • Those interested in a career in HR.
  • Anyone seeking accreditation from a recognised HR Institute.
  • Any person with people management responsibilities (such as line managers, office managers, assistants, team leaders and supervisors).
Those taking this qualification may have roles such as HR Administrator, HR Assistant, Branch Manager, Team Leader, Line Manager & In-House Recruiter.
Who accepts this qualification?
  • Companies looking to employ HR Administrators/Assistants.
  • Companies looking to employ In-House Recruiters.
  • This includes both Public and Private sector organisations.
  • This course is officially recognised. On completion learners earn IOR Membership and the professional letters ‘Assoc IOR (Cert)’ after their name.
What are the entry requirements?
No prior entry qualifications are required for this qualification. If you do have experience then great, as this course will serve as a useful update and refresher.
How will I be taught?
You will learn via a new innovative blended learning approach.
  • There will be 7 face-to-face tutored sessions with an expert as your tutor.
  • You will undertake some self study online activities in your own time at your own convenience.
  • Your learner’s workbook will give you instant access to all the learning materials and exercises you need to study.
  • Support from an expert tutor via email or phone.
  • Free HR advice line offering additional support.
  • You will be assessed by 1 assignment per unit with no exam.
How long will it take me?
The qualification takes 7 months to complete and is designed for people who may be working or have other commitments. You study at your own pace online and attend 1 workshop day per month. Should you wish to stretch the study out further this can also be accommodated.
How much does it cost?
£1,995 + VAT

Flexible payment options are also available if required and some individuals may be eligible for a government loan to cover the costs of the course. The fee includes expert tutor advice, a HR advice line and full free membership of the Institute of Recruiters (IOR), the professional body for recruitment and HR.
How do I pay?
Up-front Full Payment
The £1,995 + VAT qualification fee can be paid in full online

Flexible Payment Plan
An initial deposit of £495 up-front followed by 3 monthly Direct Debit instalments of £500.  To pay using the flexible payment plan please select the 'GOCARDLESS' option when checking out on the payment system.

Places are unconfirmed until the full deposit has been received.

Where payment is made by instalments the student must set up a Direct Debit and the initial deposit must be paid before the student can begin the course.

For further clarification please call 0871 288 2108 or email us at
Adult Loans
Subject to approval & eligibility you can claim the following funding assistance for this HR course:

1. Adult loan of £1265 (maximum loan amount available on this course).
2. Learner must pay the remaining amount of £1230. This can be paid in two instalments of £615, one paid before the course starts, the other after 30 days.  Email us if you want to use this payment route: or call 0871 288 2108.

Adult Loan Eligibility Criteria
  • Are you 24 years of age or above?
  • Without a HNC/Degree?
  • And a UK resident for more than 3 years?
If so you are entitled to apply for a special type of loan to pay for your qualification without undergoing a credit check or giving up your bank account details, and you will only make payments if you are earning £21,000 per annum or more.

You won't start making payments until April 2016 and only if your earning above the £21k threshold. If you are due to pay anything at that point  it is paid pack automatically through the PAYE you pay through your employer.

For example, if you earn 25k per annum, you will pay for your course at £30 per month.

To find out more click here 
What else is included?
Also included in your qualification fee are the following resources:
  • Expert tutor advice
  • HR advice line
  • Full free membership of the Institute of Recruiters, the Professional Body for recruitment and HR. See our full list of Member Benefits.
What qualification will I earn?
This course is officially recognised. On completion learners earn IOR Membership and the professional letters ‘Assoc IOR (Cert)’ after their name.

You will be professionally qualified for a role in:
  • HR
  • In-House Recruitment

Learners gain a Level 3 Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice. This is a recognised British qualification designed for Human Resource Professionals and regulated by OfQual, Britain’s qualification regulator.

Level 3 is classed as an foundation level qualification, so as your career progresses you may want to consider the intermediate and higher qualifications.
What help do I get?
You are supported throughout your study in the following ways:
  • Ongoing tutor support.
  • Support via your free IOR membership.
  • Access to a HR advice line.
  • Online learner support.
When can I start?
Choose the centre you wish to study at and contact them to check the availability and start date of this qualification. See full details click here
Where will I be taught?
You will be taught in your local approved qualification centre by experts who advise the HR teams of some of Britain’s biggest companies.

Click here your local approved qualification centres
Will there be Exams?
No.  The qualification is assessed using assignments.  The qualification is designed to be practical and enjoyable.
How do I apply?
Book your place by clicking here.

Email us for information or call: 0871 288 2108
Do I get professional membership or a HR industry body?
Yes, you get free full membership of the Institute of Recruiters (IOR).

The IOR is a Professional British Institute providing qualifications, short courses, guidance and training to those working professionally in Recruitment & HR. It offers membership to individuals with benefits and support.
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